CalReply is the global leader in mobile calendar marketing and is trusted by the world’s leading brands across industries to drive real-time audience engagement via this unique and powerful channel. We developed CalReply to address a fundamental deficiency and inefficiency in marketing. Marketers spend millions of dollars on day/date/time advertising to create awareness around shows, sports and events in an effort to get people to take action at a specific time in the future.

The problem with this method of marketing is that it relies heavily on consumer memory and their accessibility to your messaging at the time of the event. Current marketing methods rarely reach the target at the most crucial time, which is minutes before your event starts (e.g. a TV show, sporting event or social event). That’s why your message frequency has to be so high, which leads to inefficiency.

On top of this, consumers are seldom browsing the internet or checking their email when your event is due to start, and seeing your billboard on a subway platform at 1pm on Tuesday resonates but doesn’t have sticking power for an 8pm event on Sunday. The push based nature of the mobile calendar ensures your messages cut through to consumers at the perfect point in time, and you have absolute control of this via our dashboard. With the technology and accessibility to influence consumers to take action minutes before your events begin via their trusted mobile calendars, marketers can redirect their efforts to a marketing channel that reaches audiences via the one device that is always at arm’s reach.

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