Browser Notifications

A new way to re-engage your audience

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Enable Real-time Engagement at Scale

Send notifications to your users, even when they're not on your website

Message your audience in real-time

Bypass the inbox by delivering browser notifications in real-time, even if the user is not on your website.

10x more effective than email

On average, browser notifications are 10x more effective than email with click-thru rates of up to 20%.

Build a mobile audience

Build a mobile audience that you can message, without a mobile app.

25% Opt-In Rates

On average, opt-in rates of push notifications are around 25% which is 5x higher than standard email opt-in rates.


These great features make CalReply browser notifications a powerful addition to your marketing toolbox.


Enable browser notification buttons on your existing CalReply lightbox and pop-up windows. Users can opt-in to receive browser notifications for calendar events in one click.


Use existing calendar event information to automatically populate and schedule push notifications, or schedule and send notifications manually.

Real-time analytics

Track browser notification subscriber growth in real-time.

Segments and tags

Use tags and segments to send notifications to specific audience groups.


We’ve got you covered, even if your site does not support SSL.

Inform your audience of anything, instantly

Inform your subscribers about a TV show, a new YouTube video, a sale, a new blog post or even notify users who have abandoned their shopping carts about a deal to secure a sale.

There are no limits to the number of subscribers you can message at one time. You can message subscribers instantly or schedule notifications to sent at a later time.

Easy to use Dashboard

Create and send push notifications directly from the CalReply dashboard to targeted segments. Notifications can be scheduled or sent manually.

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