Calendar Editor

Create a calendar in minutes, no coding requried.

Calendar Editor

Using the editor you can customise the look and feel of your calendars and brand them as you please. The editor allows you to upload a header image, pick colours, and customise the footer area without having to write a single line of code.

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  • No Code

    Create calendars in a few minutes without code

  • Multi-language support

    Spanish? French? German? Arabic? Create calendars in any language.

  • Embed HTML

    Embed HTML snippets in the footer of your calendars. Include Google Maps, YouTube videos and more.

  • Social Sharing

    Add Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp and e-mail sharing links

  • Event level time-zone configuration

    Set time-zones at the event level

App Links

Embed links to second screen apps that relate to your scheduled events.

Simply upload an app icon and enter the Google Play Store and/or iTunes store URLs for your apps, and the editor will render app download icons in the footer of your calendar page.

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