Case study


Indian Premier League (IPL) is a Twenty20 cricket tournament where different franchise teams participate for the title. The tournament started in 2008 and from then it usually takes place every year in the months of April–June.


The Indian Premier League is one of the world’s most watched sporting events. In the opening week of the 2013 season alone, the IPL drew over 100 million viewers.

For the 2014 series, the IPL was looking for new and innovative ways to drive ratings and engagement. They turned to CalReply + Twitter, providing viewers and fans with the convenience of adding the entire schedule of the IPL to their mobile calendars in seconds.


The Solution

A calendar was set up that contained all IPL matches, tagged by teams so that fans could add events for their favorite teams or events for all matches of the league.

The @IPL Twitter handle, with over 1 million followers, was connected to CalReply and set up to reply to any mention of #Calendar.

The IPL promoted their calendar on television during live games with a Twitter reply mechanic enabling viewers to tweet @IPL #CALENDAR to add the entire IPL match schedule to their calendars.

Viewers that subscribed to the calendar receiveD a notification prompt 15 minutes before each match.

User exprience



The IPL seeded over 3 million events in fan calendars during the 6 week league.

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