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SYFY Network partners with CalReply to deliver fans calendar reminders for the 2015 lineup!


CalReply activated a Syfy network-wide Calendar Reminder program, equipping Syfy with a portfolio of transactional Calendar Pages for original shows, where audiences can click an ADD TO CALENDAR button to instantly synchronize their personal calendar with Syfy’s EPG. As a result, all new episodes of a show are programmatically seeded into subscriber calendars in the form of an event. 15 minutes before every new episode, users receive a tune-in calendar alert. To reinforce channel identity, alerts contain Syfy’s channel number, personalized to the user’s location and TV provider.

OnAir “Set Reminder” URL

Syfy is integrating an on air “Set Reminder” URL ( to drive traffic to their CalReply shows page, which lists both current and upcoming shows. Syfy is airing the “Set Reminder” URL both in and out of show, and has seen a 90% lift in subscriber volume as compared to off air only promotions. The URL has proven to be highly effective in the cross promotion of shows. Viewers who land on the shows page are subscribing to multiple calendars, including shows that are set to premiere in the future, so that they can be the first to know when the show airs or premieres.


The onair “Set Reminder” URL instructs fans to visit the Syfy shows page, where they can add shows to their calendar

Watch the video to see the “Set Reminder” URL in action


Website Integration

Syfy has integrated “Set Reminder” call-to-action buttons on all of the show pages on their website, Clicking the website button generates a pop-out window, where fans can subscribe to receive reminders for every episode of the season. Fans are prompted to enter their zip code and TV provider so that CalReply can seed the correct channel number into all tune-in reminders. This way, fans instantly know which channel to turn to to watch their favorite Syfy show.


“Set Reminder” button on the Lost Girl Show page on


Fans can click the “Set Reminder” button to go to the Lost Girl SmartCal
page, where they can subscribe.

The website buttons have been highly effective in driving subscribers for Syfy, serving as an evergreen call-to-action that is always accessible to fans. Syfy has seen strong, consistent subscriber growth from these buttons, with hundreds of website visitors turning into calendar subscribers every week.

Social Media Promotion

Syfy has been regularly promoting their show calendars on their social media pages, including Twitter and Facebook. Every call-to-action post includes an image and a calendar URL that fans can click to go directly to the show SmartCal page.

See what happens with Bo this season! Sign up for reminders now and never miss an episode of #LostGirl:

Posted by Lost Girl on Thursday, April 16, 2015

Syfy is also using the Facebook “call-to-action” feature in the header of their official Facebook show pages. They have added a “Signup”button which links users directly to the SmartCal page, where they can subscribe to receive reminders. FacebookSignupButton

Clicking the “Signup” button on Facebook leads fans to the SmartCal page, where they can subscribe to the show calendar.


Auto-Reply Once

Syfy is utilizing CalReply’s “auto reply once” feature to engage active Tweeters, by responding to their Tweets with a calendar link. Whenever a user mentions a Syfy show Twitter handle (e.x. @Helix) CalReply automatically sends the Tweeter a response,encouraging them to add the show to their calendar. The feature ensures that each person only receives the auto reply Tweet once within a given time period. 3iphones

What fans are saying

Feedback from Syfy fans on Twitter and Facebook has been overwhelmingly positive.Fans have thanked Syfy for the ability to set reminders and have shared the calendar with their own network on social media.

Season Roll-over

One of the main advantages of CalReply’s technology is its ability to roll viewers over into the next season of a show, so they never have to subscribe to the same show twice. For example, if a viewer subscribes to Season 1 of 12 Monkeys, Season 2 will automatically be added to their calendar when it is released. This ensures that fans always receive reminders for their favorite shows for seasons to come


Syfy has utilized all that CalReply’s technology has to offer, integrating it at every marketing touch point including on air,digital and social. Each promotion strategy has had numerous benefits and has resulted in hundreds of thousands of event reminders seeded into user calendars. By partnering with CalReply, Syfy is ensuring that viewers are tuning into their programming for every episode, every season, with just one click.

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