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UFC chose CalReply to ensure their millions of fans across the globe don’t miss a second of the hard hitting action!

The Challenge

UFC is the world’s fastest growing sporting enterprise with a global fan-base of over 50 million and an aggregate social media following of over 18 million, and growing!

Fans tune-in to watch fights from every corner of the globe via local television broadcasters across a host of time-zones around the world, so knowing exactly when and where to tune-in to watch UFC live is a challenge.

For the UFC it is important that viewers know where and how to watch UFC whether the fight is airing on UFC Fight Pass, Pay-Per-View or a local broadcaster.

The Solution

UFC turned to CalReply to enable their fans to add every fight to their mobile calendars by subscribing to the Official UFC Calendar from a single URL across all marketing touch points (calrep.ly/UFC). By geo-locating fans, CalReply directs the user to a country specific CalReply powered UFC Calendar Page where they can add their local UFC schedule to their calendar in seconds.

Once subscribed to the calendar, UFC fans receive real-time reminders 15 minutes before fights start with the television network, channel number and fight information embedded directly within their native mobile calendars. If the schedule changes during the season, calendars are automatically updated.


UFC is broadcasted across various TV networks around the world. As an example, the US rights are held by Fox Sports whereas the UK rights are held by BT Sports and in Canada, Sportsnet/Rogers hold the rights.

For the UFC it is important that viewers in each location receive the correct tune-in information whether the fight is airing on UFC Fight Pass, Pay-Per-View or television.

If a fan in Canada subscribes to the UFC the calendar, they will receive schedules with reminders to tune into Sportsnet 360 whereas US viewers receive reminders to tune into Fox Sports, along with the channel number on their cable or satellite subscription. Here are examples:


Add to Calendar Button

The UFC schedule page provides the event schedule for the season as well as the broadcast details of each fight. Using CalReply, UFC has made it possible for fans to subscribe to the entire schedule via the new “Add to Calendar” button and banner on their desktop, tablet and mobile schedule pages:



The using Twitter calls-to-action on television, UFC can convert viewers into calendar subscribers. By tweeting #calendar to @UFC a viewer will receive an instant Twitter @reply with a link to subscribe to the calendar.




UFC and fans across the globe fully embraced CalReply resulting in over 300,000 event reminders being seeded in fan calendars in the first 24 hours of activation and thousands of new subscribers being added each week. Fan feedback across social media has been overwhelmingly positive.

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