Case study


FIFA World Cup 2014 broadcasters in Spain, Brazil, Australia and the United Kingdom turned to CalReply to drive tune-in. More than 7 million reminders were served in 6 weeks.

The Challenge

The World Cup is adored and watched by billions around the planet across a variety of different timezones. With 64 games making up the event, trying to remember what is on when, and which channel the game is on, poses it’s challenges.

For those who were not lucky enough to be watching the games live in stadium, the next best thing was to catch the games live on Television.

Global broadcasters wanted to ensure that fans would be reminded to tune-in to watch World Cup matches at the correct times as they were broadcasted on television.

The Solution

Broadcasters created calendars for their respective World Cup television schedules then promoted “Add to calendar” calls-to-action to their Television, Facebook, Twitter and Web audiences.
Fans were able to add all 64 World Cup matches to their mobile calendars, receiving reminders 15 minutes before each match aired in their respective time-zones.

All 4 networks created television commercials that were designed to drive calendar subscriptions by Tweeting to the networks @handle. During the knockout rounds, broadcasters used CalReply to remotely update fan calendars with fixtures details as they evolved.

User exprience



Networks across the globefully embraced CalReply resulting in over 7 million event reminders being triggered across 4 continents during the World Cup. Fan feedback across social media was overwhelmingly positive, additionally our broadcast customers received value from the platform;

“As a broadcaster, we’re always looking for more ways to inform our audience of when we’re showing live events on SBS, making it easier for them to be reminded of when we’re on air with something we know they don’t want to miss,” Toby Forage, the Executive Producer of SBS Sport Online, said. “CalReply and Twitter have combined to provide us with the perfect tools to do this. I think it’s a fantastic service to provide our audience, particularly around some of the world’s biggest sporting events, the FIFA World Cup, Tour de France and Giro d’Italia, all of which we’re proud to broadcast live.”







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