Geo-located Reminders

Deliver country specific reminder information


CalReply can automatically detect the location of users and serve them up a set of calendar events that are relevant to the country they are located in.

For example if your broadcast spans multiple countries with specific television networks carrying the rights in each country, CalReply can be configured to ensure that the correct channel information appears in viewer calendars.

Multi-language Support

With Geo-location, calendar pages and event reminders can be displayed in the viewers local language based on the country they request the page from.

Users can manually change country via a drop down menu.

Geo-located reminders are best suited toward content that is broadcasted across international markets.

Channel Identification

Include accurate television channel information in each reminder across multiple countries.

For example, Formula 1 is broadcasted on NBC Sports in the United States, SporTV in Brazil and Sky Sports in the UK. Geo-location allows F1 to ensure that fans receive reminders with local broadcast information as seen below:

One Global URL

Your geo-location URL can be promoted across all of your marketing touch points allowing viewers and fans to receive localized reminders.

Link to your global calendar URL from web, Facebook, Twitter or anywhere else.

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Easy to configure

Setting up geo-location is straightforward. Simply create a calendar for each country then map countries to your calendars. You can also configure a default / catch-all calendar.

CalReply will create a ‘global’ URL for your geo-location configuration which you can promote anywhere.

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