Shows Page + Set Reminder URL

Make your on-air promotions work harder

Set Reminder URL

Add a short ‘Set Reminder URL’ to your on-air promotions. Enable viewers to discover your shows and set multiple calendar reminders from a single page.

Any calendars in your CalReply account can be configured to appear on your shows page.

Click here to view the FOX shows page

Your shows page can be accessed via


  • The URL is short and can fit on a promotional end-cap or under a day/date/time watermark
  • The URL includes the text “set reminder” which doubles as a call-to-action and is easy for viewers to remember
  • Viewers can set reminders for more than one show at a time, facilitating cross promotion of your shows
  • No apps are required and every smartphone has a calendar
  • Promote the same URL across all on-air promotions and shows

How does it work?

  1. Watermark your CalReply Set Reminder URL onto your on-air promotions.
  2. Viewers visit your shows page to add your shows to their mobile calendars.
  3. Watch your subscribers grow!

Watermark your ‘Set Reminder URL’ onto your on-air promotions

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