CRM Integrations

Drive personalized user journeys with the leading CRM platforms.

  • Integrate calendaring into your CRM and drive smarter communication on a 1:1 level.
  • Send calendar events and notifications to anyone directly from your CRM
  • Seamlessly embed the “Add to Calendar”button into any CRM channel.
  • Leverage the calendar as an entirely new communication channel.

Dashboard & Analytics

CalReply’s intuitive and easy-to-use dashboard accelerates time to insight by letting you easily:

  • Manage calendars and events
  • Drill into real-time analytics (subscribe, unsubscribe and engagement)
  • Monitor overall performance through CSV reporting

CalReply’s dashboard/CMS provides calendar management, real-time subscriber analytics, source and device attribution, UTM tracking, event engagement scoring, and notification delivery tracking.


Build stronger connections with your subscribers! SmartCal is a microsite, powered by CalReply, that initiates a dynamic content marketing pathway between a brand and consumer personal calendars. SmartCal links can be integrated across any consumer touchpoint including your website, app, social, email, on-air, search, paid, earned media and more.


Deliver personalized experiences based on subscriber location. CalReply can automatically detect the location of users and serve them up a unique set of calendar events based on their country. For example if your broadcast spans multiple countries with specific television networks carrying the rights in each country, CalReply can be configured to ensure that the correct channel information appears in viewer calendars.

Channel ID

Channel ID technology drives location recognition for TV networks with tune-in reminders informed by personalized channel details that are based on subscriber location and service provider.

Social marketing automation

By seamlessly integrating your brand’s calendar into social posts, you can generate subscriptions globally at scale while fueling greater brand engagement. This feature enables social teams to focus on content while ensuring the brand’s calendar promos are delivered as scheduled.

Email Capture

Grow more than your calendar subscribers! CalReply can be used to grow your email subscriber base. If enabled, when fans click 'add to calendar' they are prompted to enter their email address prior to subscribing. Email capture can be optional so that users can subscribe to your calendar without having to enter an email address, or you can make it mandatory.

We provide you with the tools to export email data so that you can import into your CRM. By leveraging email capture, customers can also enable customized “opt-in’s”, allowing new subscribers to receive ongoing brand communications, adhere to Terms and Conditions as well as unique Privacy Policy.

Content Distribution

Brands can create personalized, life-cycle marketing campaigns for all of their customers by automating a nurture flow leading to the day of the event and inspire the next one. For example, an airline can offer a first class up-sell or hotel cross-sell in advance of the flight.

Event Manager

Events are at the core of the CalReply platform. When a fan subscribes to a calendar, they always add one or more events to their device. A calendar can contain many events which can be configured to reflect your schedule.

Events can be set up individually or they can be set to recur daily, weekly, monthly or yearly as required. Once a calendar has been set up, you can modify and publish calendar events on the fly and publish these changes to subscribers in real-time.

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