Every time you publish a calendar we provide real-time charts and subscriber analytics so that you can gain valuable insights into how your calendar is performing.

We also provide social automation analytics via our social automation feature. Learn more »

Channel Identification

No more fumbling through your cable guide to find a channel

Cut straight to the action

CalReply channel identification provides viewers with a magical experience.

When a viewer adds a show to their calendar, CalReply automatically geo-detects the user and their cable network, then populates every event reminder with the channel number of the show they are adding, according to their cable provider.

This means no more fumbling through your cable guide to find the correct channel.

Why is this important?

The channel numbers of television networks are different depending on the viewers cable provider. For exmaple, ESPN on Time Warner is on a different channel to ESPN on DISH so finding the correct channel can sometimes feel like finding a needle in haystack.

Subscribe Buttons

Turn website visitors into subscribers

Drive tune-in from the web

Subscribe buttons can be embedded on your schedule pages, fixture pages, TV show pages, TV guide pages or wherever else makes sense!

When clicked, a calendar subscribe button triggers a responsively designed pop-up window that allows website visitors to add every episode, match or event to their mobile or desktop calendar in a single click.

You can access Subscribe buttons from within your CalReply account by clicking "Buttons" then copying and pasting the embed code into your website.

Email Acquisition

Acquire the email address of your viewers and re-market to them

Grow your email database

In addition to driving calendar subscribers, CalReply can be used to grow your email subscriber base.

If enabled, when fans click 'add to calendar' they are prompted to enter their email address prior to subscribing.

Email capture can be optional so that users can subscribe to your calendar without having to enter an email address, or you can make it mandatory.

We provide you with the tools to export email data so that you can import it into your CRM.

Event Manager

Events are the atomic unit of CalReply

  • Recurring events

    Recur events daily, weekly, monthly or at custom times.

  • Time-zone tagging

    Events can be tagged for specific time-zones. Only the users in that time-zone will receive those events.

  • Event tagging

    Group similar events by event tags, such as teams or locations

  • Event level channel identification

    Enable channel identification for each event if the calendar is broadcasted on mutliple channels

  • Event level time-zone configuration

    Set time-zones at the event level

Events and Time-zones

Events are at the core of the CalReply platform. When a fan subscribes to a calendar, they always add one or more events to their device. A calendar can contain many events which can be configured to reflect your schedule.

Events can be set up individually or they can be set to recur daily, weekly, monthly or yearly as required.

Once a calendar has been set up, you can modify and publish calendar events on the fly and publish these changes to subscribers in real-time. Learn more »

Social Automation

Promote your shows automatically on Facebook and Twitter

Schedule Tweets and Facebook posts to send automatically from your social accounts, then track subscribers for each Tweet or post.

We'll provide you with real-time subscriber data so that you can track which social posts are peforming the best.

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