Remote Event Publishing

Remotely manage subscriber calendars at scale

Remote event publishing

The ability to remotely publish event changes to subscriber calendars makes CalReply a direct marketing channel creating a direct relationship between your business and your fans mobile calendars.

Schedule changes can be pushed to calendars in real-time from your CalReply dashboard.

If a schedule is unknown or has yet to be finalised, you can subscribe viewers to a single event during the ‘coming soon’ period then when the show time is known, you can publish the final schedule remotely.

Series Roll-Over

Series Rollover enables broadcasters to remotely update the calendar events in viewer calendars with details for the following season or series.

Networks can cut right through to the viewers calendar without investing large amounts of money on above the line promotions to try and get the viewer to remember to tune-in.

For example if a show has 100,000 subscribers for the 2014 season, prior to the 2015 season airing CalReply can publish the 2015 dates into the viewers calendars automatically.

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