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Publish curated events directly into the mobile calendars of your audience.

Features for Publishers

Publishing event based content to your audience has never been easier.

Paywall Friendly

Offer curated calendar content to your premium customers using our protected calendar feature. Protected calendar subscriptions are individually gated and cannot be shared between users.


Enable audiences to subscribe directly from your publishing platform by integrating into the CalReply API.

In-App Integration

Integrate CalReply in your app to enable audiences to subscribe and unsubscribe with the tap of a button.

Easy to use CMS

Manage and publish calendar content directly from the CalReply dashboard.


Dynamic Calendar Subscriptions

When a user syncs their calendar, you gain the ability to remotely add, edit and remove events from their calendar using the CalReply dashboard. Events can be curated manually or via a custom feed integration.

Topic Tagging

Events can be tagged and grouped by topic so that users only receive events related to specific topics they are interested in.

For example, you might decide to group events by topics such as finance, news, technology and sport.

Easy to use Dashboard

Manage events with ease

The CalReply dashboard offers an easy to use interface that enables publishers to create events and push them directly into fan calendars.

Events can be grouped using tags, and can also be timezone tagged so that they only appear inside of calendars where the user is in a specific timezone.

In-App Integration

Take control of your app audience.

Build subscribers from your app, then publish events directly into their calendars.

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