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Create, embed and manage schedules with ease

One place to manage all your scheduling needs.

Create, manage and maintain your schedules with CalReply Schedules.

CalReply is a scheduling management platform that can power all of your scheduling needs from a single location.

Power website schedules, in-app schedules and calendar subscribers from a single, easy to use platform.

Drag and Drop Schedule Builder

Create beautiful schedule layouts in minutes, then embed them into your website, CMS or app.

beautiful templates & Custom sTYLING

Choose from a selection of beautiful templates that you can customize and style to fit within your own look and feel.

mobile friendly

Our schedule templates are all responsive so they will look great on the web, tablet and on mobile.

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Perfect for any scheduling situation

Education Sports Events & Conference Television

Embed schedules anywhere

Generate embed code from the Schedule Builder and drop it into your website, CMS or app. It’s as easy as copying and pasting some text!


Real time updates

Publish new events or edit existing events in CalReply, then magically watch your schedules across web, in-app, mobile , and calendar subscribers update automatically.

Built-in Calendar Sync

Every schedule template includes ‘add to calendar’ functionality so your audience can sync their mobile calendar with your event schedule.

JSON / XML Event Feed

Every schedule inside of CalReply can be represented as a JSON or XML feed containing your event information in a format that can be consumed by third party applications, websites and apps.

No need to create your own feed. CalReply does it for you and keeps it up to date whenever you publish schedule changes.

Geo-located Schedule Feeds

CalReply supports multiple languages and geo-location so you can create schedule feeds in different languages, for different countries in minutes.

Support for teams

CalReply schedules support sports team scheduling so you can present home teams, away teams and other sports related information.

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