The Subscribe Page

Allow viewers to add multiple shows to their calendar from a single page.

Any calendars that you set up in your CalReply account can be configured to appear on your subscribe page.

Your subscribe page can be accessed via

We recommend linking from your website header to your subscribe page to enable visitors to easily subscribe to shows. You can white label the subscribe page URL by pointing a CNAME DNS record to


Promote #SHOWS within your on-air promotions, and CalReply will reply with a Tweet containing a link to your subscribe page so that viewers can subscribe to their favorite shows in a few click.

#SHOWS promotions can be set up to run year round as part of your overall on-air marketing campaign.

#SHOWS is a powerful yet simple marketing strategy that is easy to implement.

Want to test it? Try Tweeting #SHOWS to @ITVME then check your Twitter notifications.

Integrate #SHOWS into your on-air promotions

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