CalReply for Sport

Enable fans to sync their calendars with your sporting schedule. Discreetly remind viewers to tune-in at the perfect time, moments before your content airs.

Engage your fans seconds before every match, all season long.

Features for Sport

CalReply has been designed to ensure that your fans receive accurate event reminders in the face of unpredictable and evolving sporting schedules, while maximizing fan engagement and broadcast tune-in.

Use Fan Calendars to Drive Engagement

CalReply is a platform that enables sporting organizations, large and small to add every game, match, race or fight of any sport into fan calendars so that viewers are reminded of your events at the perfect time.

If your sport is broadcasted on television, event reminders can include channel names and numbers to ensure fans know exactly where to find you.

CalReply supports iOS, Android and Desktop calendar clients.


Dynamic Calendar Subscriptions

When a fan adds your schedule to their calendar you gain the ability to remotely add, edit and remove events from their calendar from your CalReply dashboard. This can be done manually or via a custom feed integration so that any scheduling changes that come through via your schedule feed are automatically reflected across subscriber calendars.

At the end of the season you can remotely update calendars to include event information for finals, playoffs, or post season schedules, and you can also roll existing subscribers into next season's calendar.

Custom Schedule Feeds

We understand that maintaining a large and changing schedule can be tricky. For that reason CalReply can integrate with any existing schedule feed so that you can continue to manage your events from a central source. When you make changes to your schedule feed, subscriber calendars will be updated as well.

Team Selector (event tagging)

Events can be tagged and grouped so that fans only receive reminders for events they are interested in.

Common tags include team names or groupings such as Races + Qualifying or Races Only.

Channel Identification and App Live Stream In Every Reminder

No more fumbling through channel guides

When a viewer adds a sport to their calendar, CalReply can populate every event reminder with the channel name and number of the TV network airing your sport, so that fans know exactly where to watch.

If your sport can be live streamed within your app, event reminders can include a live stream deep-link or a link to a pay-per-view purchase page.


Ticketing and Merchandise

Reminders can be customized to contain links to buy tickets, merchandise and more. Reminder content and links are 100% customizable.

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3 ways to get your events into CalReply
Import from TV guide

Import shows airing on your network from any EPG source. Events, descriptions, time-zone and image assets will be imported and kept up-to-date automatically.

Sync with a feed

Configure your account to sync with multiple channel feeds and shows, automating the import and publish process entirely. This is useful if you want every show in your feed to appear as a published calendar with zero manual interaction.

Create manually

You can always create show pages manually and style them up individually. If you are activating a one-off airing this is the easiest way to create your calendar pages.



Turn website visitors into calendar subscribers

Turn your website visitors into calendar subscribers by embedding CalReply subscribe buttons or linking to your calendar subscribe page across your digital properties. Subscribe buttons are perfect for schedule and fixture pages, TV guides and show pages.

Lean more about subscribe pages and subscribe buttons

All your calendars in an easy to use dashboard

Geo-located Reminders

Is your sport or league broadcasted globally across multiple countries in various languages?

CalReply can automatically detect the location of users and serve them up a set of calendar events that are relevant to the country they are located in.


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