TV Guide Integration

Import shows from the TV Guide. Automatically sync TV schedule changes.

Import Shows

Create calendars from any shows that are currently airing on your network in a few clicks.

Within the CalReply dashbaord you can create new calendars from your shows, or import shows into an existing calendar.

Calendars will automatically be populated with show meta-data including calendar events for each episode, sporting match or airing as well as descriptions and imagery relating to the show.

Only availalbe for US broadcasters. TMS account required. Custom TV Guide Integrations for international broadcasters available upon request.

Event Auto-Sync

CalReply will automatically ensure that calendars imported from the TV Guide remain up to date as the TV guide schedule evolves over time. CalReply automatically synchronizes your calendar events with the show schedule from the TV Guide. If changes are detected, subscriber calendars are updated automatically in real-time.

Event Auto-Sync removes the need to manually keep calendars up-to-date. Calendars are synced up to 14 days in advance and updated daily.

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